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Tips to Clear IIT JEE by Studysteps Experts “Dont Overwork Your Strength”

Everybody loves to succeed. We like it when we are able to win and come out on top. Our love for success and loathing for failure finds expression our workplaces, in playgrounds, in studies and almost everywhere else. Yearning for success is great but the fear of failure is bad. It is better to fail than to fear failure. There is no better teacher then failure; it builds a person‘s character and gives them the perseverance they need to reach their goal.
Given our love for success, we develop a tendency to avoid situations where we are not very comfortable. We like to play it safe and seldom venture out into the unknown or the unfamiliar. When was the last time you played a game you were not good at or studied a topic you didn’t really enjoy? If you keep on playing in the same field, you will not add value to yourself beyond a point. You will become a little too comfortable and not challenge yourself. Overdoing something that you are good at is generally not a good thing, especially when it comes to IIT –JEE, where you need to score in all three subjects.

Ace one and miss cut-offs on others: I have seen my classmates and younger cousin focus too much on mathematics or physics because they loved the books in the market and solve almost every problem. However, they failed to realize that the additional utility of solving yet another mathematics problem was much less than focusing on a different subject, say, chemistry or physics. Yes, they did have a scoring subject (one they did really well in) but in reality , they were only as strong as their weakest subject. The rule of JEE is that you have to clear the minimum cut-off in all three subjects; this makes it essential for you to give comparable if not equal attention to physics, chemistry and maths. You just cannot ignore one subject and keep on practicing only those subjects that you love and are good at. Focus on all three subjects. You may not like a few topics, but JEE is not designed according to what you like or dislike.

Albert Einstein once said, ‘know the rules of the game and then play it better than everybody else, and the JEE rule of the game is that organic chemistry counts as much as trigonometry. So, make it a point to devote at least two hours a day to that you like the least. The more effort you put into it, the easier it will get to bear it if not love it. It is generally better to start your day with your weakest subject. This means that you start reading your weakest (and last favorite) subject with a fresh mind and can look forward to finishing it so that you can get back to your favorite subjects. If you don’t want to start your day like this, then keep the least favorite as a filler subject. Break it down into four sessions of half an hour each. This way you will not get bored and may actually enjoy small doses of that subject.

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