Tips and Tricks | Study plan For JEE 2020

Joint entrance exam 2020
Joint entrance exam 2020

Tips & Tricks For the preparation of IIT-JEE Mains and Advance To get Higher rank in JEE 2020

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Today we will discuss some Tips & Tricks which help you in getting higher rank in JEE 2020. There are many short tips which usually an average student doesn’t apply in their study and they get the easiest subjects into the hardest one. Also, the average students do not apply the Perfect time sheet which is followed by the toppers in their daily routine. This is the main reason why they did not get higher ranks in their Competetive examination.

Today I will explain to you each and every short tips and trick as well as their daily routine time And also about the study material which you have to Prefer in your examination. If you will follow my points I will assure you that You will get higher rank in your next year’s examination.

First thing first I mean how you will get a high-quality study material of the toppers and the top institutions of India. So the points given below will get you to know how you will get the High-quality study stuff:

1. You have to Purchase Topper’s handwritten notes which are studied and written by the top students who get higher ranks in last year examination. These Notes will help in getting know about the top student’s study points and the notes show how they prepare each topic and the chapters. So you will also prepare each topic according to the toppers and you will definitely make each and every topic of your all the subjects cleared and strong by your JEE 2020 examination.

Link to purchase Topper’s handwritten notes:

2. You have to Purchase High-quality study material which is provided by the Top faculties of the top institutions of India. You have to get the study material from top institutions because they will describe and make you understand each and every topic from the subjects. You will also get DPP’s from the top institutions Which will help you get all the questions from your every topic of your every subject. After getting the study material you will have your 50% study stuff with you to start preparing.

Link to buy Top faculties study material & DPP’s:

3. You have to purchase Offline Test Papers which will help you in getting every single question which will come from your topics. I mean you will get to know about each and every question which will appear from a particular topic. Offline Test Papers will cover you are all the topics from each of your subjects. This will help you in making your hard subjects or topics into the easiest one so that you will get higher ranks in your examination.

link to buy Offline Test Papers For FREE:

4. You have to purchase Previous Year Papers With solution Or you have to download it from any website. Previous year papers will help you in getting all the knowledge about the questions to appear in your examination. if you practice these papers you will learn about how to save your time in the exam for the questions which are tough.

Link to download Free Previous Year Papers with a solution:

Now, After getting All the above study material, we will discuss the schedule of Your study per day and how you can prepare for JEE 2020 to get Higher ranks:

First, mark the topics from each of your subjects which are you seeing tough for you. First, you have to make the hard subjects into the easiest one and then you can start practicing for examination. After marking your topics you will have to follow the points given below:

1. Make a target that you have to study 3 of your topics in a day of all the three subjects which you have marked in a tough section. First, you have to Study these Topics from the top faculties study material which will make you understand the topic That what the topic is about. After studying from the top faculties notes you will have to again have to study from the Toppers handwritten notes which will help you in making you understand the topic from depth.

2. After Studying the topics which you have marked you have to attempt an Offline test Papers which have questions from the topics which you have studied on that day. You have to attempt the test by not taking any help at the time of appearing in the test. After attempting the test You will have to check the answers if your result was good then you will have to practice the DPP of the topics and if you are not satisfied with the result than you have to study the topic again and attempt the test again.

NOTE: By doing this practice on a daily basis you will definitely score high in your exam. Also, make a target of attempting your whole syllabus twice in a year. This will also give you a high performing booster.

3. Now you will also have to practice your previous year papers on 7 days basis ( 1 paper in 7 days ) after the completion of your syllabus by the above-given method. By practicing Previous Year papers you will get to know about the questions appear in the examination and also learn how to save time for the tough questions appear into the examination.

So, This is key of the toppers who get higher rank in their examination and the style of their studying timeline. I am sure that if you follow the steps which I have mentioned above you will definitely get the higher ranks in your examination.

All the very Best for JEE 2020. I wish you will achieve success in your examination.

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