Learn to Learn

There are so many new things to learn when preparing for JEE. Some people learn fast, others, slowly. The former are made to believe that they are smarter than the rest and hence they learn faster. This is wrong. While there are certainly some differences between the mental faculties of people (as reflected partially in their IQ scores and partially in their EQ), these differences can be bridged and are not permanent. Learning itself is an art that you have to learn.
Learning does not mean just memorizing. For me, it involves developing perspectives. Can you look up at the sun today with a new perspective? That it is a fusion reactor. Can you look at yourself with a different perspective? That you have evolved from a chimpanzee. It is about challenging you intuition, opening up your mind to new possibilities and developing new perspectives about things that you already knew but saw differently.
How you can do that is the bigger question though. It comes through a little bit of humility and trust. You should be humble enough to accept that there is a lot out there that you don’t know .And you should trust that whatever is being taught to you through books and question banks is for your own good.

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