How to Prepare Chemistry for NEET 2019?

Tip 1: Learn all the formulae. They should be at your fingertips.
Tip 2: Whenever preparing Physical Chemistry, make sure to cover the theoretical portion as the theoretical questions are often asked along with Numerical Problems.
Tip 3: For the preparation of Inorganic Chemistry, follow NCERT book only. Don’t mess with other books.
Tip 4: Revise all the memorized chapters daily, so that you cannot forget the stuff, you have studied already.
Tip 5: To remember the reactions in organic chemistry, write them in your notebook, as many times as you can. Practice Conversions on daily basis. Try to make a road map for the reaction so that you can remember them easily and quickly.
Tip 6: To get a better idea about the type of questions that can be asked, solve previous 10 years paper of AIPMT or NEET. The pattern will help you.
Tip 7: After finishing any chapter of Chemistry, solve at least 50 objective questions. This will help you to clear the concept.
Tip 8: Cover entire syllabus from NCERT book. Reading NCERT daily will make your concepts clear and these concepts will help you to score maximum marks in your examination.
Tip 9: In case of organic chemistry focus on GOC (General Organic Chemistry) and the naming reactions. Make a chart to revise the reactions.
Tip 10: Mark the important chapters and revise them as often as you can.
Tip 11: Never hesitate to ask questions from your teacher. Your hesitation can create a trouble for you.
Tip 12: You can try to make a cheat sheet that will contain all the important formulas and concepts. This sheet will be helpful for you choose the chapters and topics on daily basis. Follow the study plan for better results.
Tip 13: You should solve online Mock Test Series for at least three weeks. This is a great help in evaluating your preparation level. And while revising the subject before the examination.
Tip 14: Try to prepare a weekly study plan in which you have to you will get know the areas where you need to work.
Tip 15: In organic chemistry, start creating a mechanism. You may mistake at the beginning, but you will learn the logic behind reactions.
Tip 16: Coordination compounds is a scoring and straightforward topic. The best way to master in coordination compound is practice.
Tip 17: From today, your second-best friend is a periodic table, because knowledge of periodic table will be a great help in the exam.
I hope these tips will be helpful for you. I am wishing you a good luck for NEET 2018. I want you all to give your 100% in the examination with smart work.

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