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I am collecting some of office things in online. It is getting more rates. I need to know the GST rates are available for buying all products. I have read the GST rates for things for using home and office purposes. But it is not getting the clear answer. How to track the accurate matters about that. My friend is also ordering some cloths and furniture for their home use. She is paying amount by the way of online banking. It is getting some errors for payment. But the prices are high with my point. So please now tell me the GST rate calculation methods for those types of things.
I am reading same with different types of article. What basis the rates are applied for the products? I need your answer about that. More answers and reviews are available in online. Some of experts are given advices for the business people. My registration certificate is important for getting loan from bank. In that amount is needed to pay for the materials. I am using banking in online. I have already given all details about my business and GST registration certificate. But again they are asking for that in getting loan. My GST registration certificate is getting some errors.
My invoice is also not getting correctly in particular date. How to update the errors in my certificate? You can give the clear answer about my questions here. I have read the questions and feedbacks about the using online registration. The online shopping is best for all people to save the time. Some products are getting small rate of GST Why? Please tell me the possible details and required things about the finding the more details about GST. I am storing the important details with my inbox. So please let me know you answer here

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